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Facebook Live every Monday at 8:30PM

Sunday November 29 9:00PM

48 HVMF fundraiser for Cleveland Rocks Past Present and Future

Last Virtual concert:

Currently all live performances are cancelled due to Covid-10 concerns. My first concern is for the health and safety of all who attend. Please check for upcoming virtual concerts and please subscribe to Charlie's Open Mic podcast and youtube channel

If you are interested in sponsoring or presenting a virtual concert,
please email me at

When the Covid-19 crisis began, I was already producing my youtube show Charlies Open Mic. When the show began in February, Darrell Branch was operating the lighting and cameras. When health recommendations were put in place, I began filming on my own. My tools were not ideal. A clamp llight and an ipad. I quickly upgraded my camera, lighting and sound to be able to present live streaming concerts and to produce the youtube show. With improved production equipment and an intense desire to understand the medium, I have quickly developed my live streaming technique.

In addition to quickly adapting I introduced and serve on the committee for
helping to support the folk music community through this adaptation to video. Often serving as a moderator, intructor, and consultant I have continued to learn systemslike OBS, Fimora, Davinci and the best techniques for live streaming  with Facebook live and Youtube.
If you are looking for a reliable live streaming concert, I am able to excel in that need and present your audiance merging high quality audia,video, lighting, and performance to produce live concert for your audiances.
Charlie Mosbrook