Just Plain Folk Awards
Nominated for Best Traditional folk Album "Something to Believe" and "A Time Long Gone".
 Best Traditional folk song "Something To Lose"

Photography by Darrell Branch
Hear Me Callin'
   Hear Me Callin' is the new CD from CharlieHear Me Callin' Mosbrook to be released in May of 2017.  The CD will feature traditional American folksongs including music by Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, Elizabeth Cotton, LedBelly, Bob Dylan, Garcia/Hunter, treaditional songs, and one of his own.
    The instrumental foundation of the recordings are guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and voice. David Krauss, Kate Kooser, and Xela contribute to the arrangements as well.
    Self produced and supported through a successful kickstarter campaign, Hear Me Callin' will be released with a special concert at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights on May 2nd, and a Chicago area performance at the legendary 2 Way Street Coffeehouse in Downers Grove Illinios on May 5th.

    For three decades Charlie Mosbrook has been an active and celebrated musical voice thoughout northeastern Ohio as a songwriter, performer, and advocate for the preservation and continuing importance of folk music in our culture.

Tuesday May 2 7PM
Hear Me Callin'
 CD Release Concert


Upcoming Shows

March 18 11AM Natures Oasis Lakewood, Ohio

March 24 7PM Root Cafe Lakewood, Ohio

March 30 6PM Bellevue Public Library Bellevue, Ohio

April 8 7PM Coffee Corners Burton, Ohio

April 29 Ramp up Peninsula

May 2 7PM Nighttown
 Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Hear Me Callin' CD Release Concert

May 5, 7PM Two Way Street CoffeeHouse, Downers Grove Illinios

May 13 7PM Soapbox Gallery Youngstown, Ohio
With Christopher Mark Jones



"There’s a familiar comfortable feeling that comes over you  when you listen to the music of Charlie Mosbrook. The guy has a rich, worldly voice that sounds like it was broken in slowly, like a well-loved instrument."

 -No Depression

A Time Long Gone (Charlie Mosbrook)
The lead track “Up Among the Stars” leaps right out and invites you to settle in for more. The rest of album makes it a welcome invitation indeed.
 -Kelly Walker Sundilla Music

"There is something wonderful about being able to tell somebody by their voice... A distinctive voice, Sam Baker, John Prine, you know right away who they are... Charlie Mosbrook is that kind of singer."
Artie Martello -Mostly Folk