Folk Alliance Regional Showcase Schedule
Far-West-Bellevue Washington October 14-16
FARM Region Midwest- Iowa City October 27-30

12:am Friday- Zat and Mitchells Song Palace

1:15am Friday New Voices

 12am Saturday Circle of Song

1:30 Saturday Mother Hen Promotions

12:00 Thursday- Folknet /216
12:30 Thursday Access film and Music /  218

1am Thursday 2 Way Street / 212
1:30 Friday Folknet /216
1:15 Friday- Uncorked / 214

12:00 Saturday Folknet /216
1:20 Saturday On The Tracks Songwriter showcase / 208

"There’s a familiar comfortable feeling that comes over you  when you listen to the music of Charlie Mosbrook.
 The guy has a rich, worldly voice that sounds like it was broken in slowly, like a well-loved instrument."
-No Depression

A Time Long Gone (Charlie Mosbrook)
The lead track “Up Among the Stars” leaps right out and invites you to settle in for more. The rest of album makes it a welcome invitation indeed. -Kelly Walker
Sundilla Music
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Backstage with David Bromberg and his band just before taking the stage at the Music Boc Supper Club February 25, 2016heights%20Music%20Hop.jpg 
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